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Don't plan on the perfect marriage

My wife and I recently celebrated our second year of marriage. Within those two years, we have: Been to Disney World three times; had our first son, Rowan; celebrated Rowan's first birthday;...

My First Camera

I was going through some old pictures when I came across this Christmas photo. My first camera!

Train up a Child

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3 Ways to Help The Great Smokey Mountains Fire Victims

The Great Smokey Mountains are on fire. Families are displaced from their homes, businesses destroyed and lives changed in a matter of hours. Amidst the fire, Gatlinburg, TN has been set ablaze and a...

My Family Photos: Sheila Wilson Photography

Being a photographer is a joy. I meet new people, go to new places, and capture family moments that will last a lifetime. But in all this, there is one family I often neglect to do this for: my own...

Cumberland Park: Alex + Heather

When meeting with Alex and Heather at Cumberland Park, there was only one goal in mind: to have fun. And man, is fun a wonderful way to describe these two!

Nashville Bridge: Seth + Raegan

Meeting Seth and Raegan at the Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN, we all had one thing in mind: to have fun on this shoot!

Bagsby Ranch : Courtney + Alan

Love is often found in the most beautiful places, and for Courtney and Alan, love was made complete at Bagsby Ranch in Gallatin, TN.

Anniversary: Brandan + Nicole

It's always amazes me how fast time really does go by. Take Nicole and Brandan, for example. On September 26, 2015 (one year ago) Nicole and Brandan said their vows to each other and became husband...

Carnival: Courtney + Alan

There are two things that go fantastic together: Love, and cotton candy. At this carnival engagement with Courtney and Alan, there was an abundance of both!